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Route de Frontenex 86
1208 Genève

Tél. +41 22 559 38 93
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Since :2022


Children form 3 to 6


Continuous day :
possibility of a continuous schedule with lunch


Education language : bilingual french-english

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Our classes

Montessori 3-6 ans

La casa dei bambini (children’s home) offers children a space for learning, discovery and socialisation. The specially prepared environment and the Montessori guidance allow the child to preserve the joy of learning and exploring, while developing their personalities in respect of others. The mix ages, the independence in the use of materials and the autonomy are the cornerstones principles of the Montessori class 3-6 years.


” There’s no description, no image in any book that can replace the sight of real trees and all the life to be found around them in a real forest. Something emanates from those trees which speak to the soul, something no book or museum can give.”

Maria Montessori